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Alcoholic drinks contain recreational drug Ethanol in different percentages. Ethanol is produced by the fermentation of different sources of sugar such as fruits and grains. Alcohol has a varied impact on people. This usually depends on various factors. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can be considered normal and won't create any problems. But drinking too much and at the same having no control over yourself to stop at a certain point is a proper sign of addiction problem.


People can develop two issues with the consumption of alcohol. They are alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Both terms are often used in place of each other but are distinct. Alcohol abusers are not dependant on alcohol. But after drinking, their risky behavior and lack of sensible judgment are what creates a problem.


Addiction of alcohol comes from various psychological and social factors. They start consuming more and more alcohol to cope up with the different issues and problems going on in their lives. Alcohol abuse is seen to be noticed during certain phases of life. People going through serious life events or trauma, college students, unsuccessful couples are most prone to alcohol abuse. People often think that consuming alcohol can help them cope up with one of the following issues:

·             Depression

·             Loneliness

·             Emotional stress

·             Failure in life

·             Boredom


Treatment and Complications involved

The main aim of the treatment process is to help control the disease. People who recover from alcoholism do not attempt to try it in the future because then they might not be able to stop the urge. Treatment focuses on why the person is dependent on alcohol and any issue that they might be facing in life. Trained professionals assist the person through therapy to develop healthy habits and new ways to manage stress


People with alcohol addiction experience withdrawals if they stop consuming it. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include

·             Nausea

·             Shaking

·             Sweating

·             Irritability

·             Anxiety

Various detox centers help numerous patients to be free from their dependence on alcohol. One of them is Coastal Detox. Coastal Detox specializes in providing a safe environment where the patient can recover. They offer various types of therapy to help the patients cope up with the stress they might be facing. They claim that the road to a new life begins as soon as the person seeks their help.



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